Monday, 10 December 2007

alice in swineland


roger said...

This gets a little too close to the compromise image in your repetitive anxiety dream, the resistance to which I did think we had broken through in our last session, what? - which is going to force me to get out my pipe and (oh, where's the dratted matches) r-r-re-iterate that (puff puff) cathectizing your anxiety (puff p-p) is, of course, a form of (cough, cough) trying, as it were, to trick your transference, since, as it were, the Unbbbbewusstsein, here (damn, broke the stem! where's the other...) is playing hide and seek with the Inhalt of the breakthrough, as it (puff puff) were. The narcissitic level which, to protect itself, effects the condensation of the feared desires so that they can be at once expressed and distanced by the p-p-patient (puff) has achieved a new level of expression and distancing in the fort da of the Alicean pig, or a sort of pig-throwing. Why are you coughing? Ah, resistance again to the analytic process! (puff puff puff). Identifying, that is to say, with both the proverbial pig in the poke and the maternal/non-maternal Alice, an Ur Girl gone wild, as it were, the patient experiences the false tranquility of resolution to allow the desires coded in the anxiety to continue to preserve the neuroses (puff). As the Master might say, "Wenn die Traeume der Unfallsneuroticker die Kranken so regelmaessig in die Situation des Unfalles zurueckfuehren, so dienen sie damit allerdings (puff) nicht der Wunscherfuellung, deren halluzinatorische Hebeifuhrung ihnen under the Herrschaft des Lustprinzips (puff puff puff) zur Funktion geworden ist (puff puff puff puff!). Surely it is an obvious deduction, given the facts of your case, that LOL, here, stands for Let me Out of the Lustprinzip.

it said...

It's all true!

(How much do I owe you this time?)

Caspar Melville said...

Hog trivia: this morning on the today programme there was a story about how wild hogs are proliferating in the Forest of Dean ( A bit later they mentioned an email they had got from someone in Poland who said that if they were having problems with the wild boar population they should ask his father in law to come over here with his 'hunting club' to cull them down to acceptable levels. Apparently said relative had killed 3 boars last sunday. Carolyn Quinn's comment on this was "wow they can kill all those boars with a club?". I think the club in question was a shooting club not a big piece of wood but hey what do I know? Hold tight for Daily Mail headlines, "foreigners coming over here clubbing our boars!"